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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003
11:46 am
I am so so bored. I am trying to think of something cool that I can do to my room. Like colors and ways to paint and junk like that. I need trading spaces up in her.
Live journal updated the searching junk, which is wicked lame. You can't search for communities by interest anymore. It's definitly the dumbest thing ever. I don't think thats fair. Paid account can do a lot more, but I think they should let free accounts do some junk too. They keep taking everything awaaaay from us!
Jay IMed me a few minutes ago. I guess he forgot that I was mad at him? He said "hey whats up?" and I said "hi.." and then he said "whats up" again and I said "nothing." and he said "fun" and I didn't ask him the question back.
I'm full of interesting stories, I know!
I'm going to go read through come communities and maybe participate a bit.

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Sunday, June 29th, 2003
5:49 pm
i have been a little behind with looking for communities for this journal. but that is okay! because i just did a BUNCH of advertising for movie geeks! yay :)
it is really hot out.
i bet that god is sitting out on a lawn chair and sipping an iced tea, because that would be a pretty sweet thing to do right now.
and god is god.

i think that i am going to try to find/make another/more icon(s) for moviegeeks. because that would be a good time.
i am listening to tal bachman. yay, blast from the past.
shes so hiiiiiigh high above me shes so lovely. lala.

i think i am finally going to see 28 days later on tuesday with a bunch of people. good times. (i say that as if its been out a lot longer than two and a half days.)

i got up at 7 today because i felt really sick. its so effin hot.
love love.

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Friday, June 13th, 2003
11:29 am
You and I are a member of 58 communities! hehe. Feel free to join a whole bunch more, because communities are fun!

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10:03 am
No school today becuase of graduation. Nobody is on-line right now though! Wake uuuup. Fromr eading that other post you made, I cannot believer her! Why would you say that to someone? "My life has been so much better without you." She is real stuck up.
I wish you ewre on-line right now because I think something happened last night? I don't know but you IMed me and then eveyones journals and stuff and.... I don't know.
I'm watching ER right now.
There are 85 members in our community. I think we need some more! haha. I'll be doing some advertising when I'm finished typing this.
I didn't do it yesterday. You know, that thing I was supposed to do ebcause it was Thursday? There is a reason though! I promise! I forgot that Monday was a regular school day, which means I have to do it on Monday for the same reasons I waited untill the end of the week. I'm a coward, I know.

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Thursday, June 5th, 2003
1:49 am
Hey Nika.
I wish that you were online right now. i feel bummed out. i was just "fighting" with my friend again, i think you know which one i mean. i feel like hitting her over the head and putting some sense into her brain. she was sitting here talking about how great her life has been since she stopped talking to me. obviously, it is a great thing to not be near me. thats just fine.
i wish you were here. but you are asleep because you have school tomorrow. im super going to dye my hair something awesome-like. my mom is going to talk to my neighbor because she is a hair dresser and she is our friend and.. getting stuff done to your hair is expensive. i have to show you some pictures i found. i need your advice on what to do.
today i asked my friend erica to come to the conan show with me in july. we kept spelling conan "conana" on accident, so we decided that we are going to make a conan o-brien banana and name is conana.
jeez, banana bandits revisited.
we will cause that banana mischief someday, i know that it is true.
i am going to be sad when i go to lenny's party because i'm going to miss everyone, even the people who i do not talk to as much who may not even know that i have noticed them.
i super wish you lived here right now.
i can't sleep.
i feel like.. ugh.
<3 i heart thee.
love, Kay

current mood: blah

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Sunday, May 25th, 2003
10:02 am
Hello Kay.

I am awfully bored. There is nobody on-line to keep me company! There hasn't been the whole 2 hours I have been on-line. Hum. I have to go get ready soon, because today my sister and I are going to river rave! Finch for the fourth time, wee. I'm sad, though, because I wanted to see Hot Hot Heat, and I also wanted to see The Used, and they're playing at the exact same time! Finch is playing last on the little stage, so I wonder if they'll play longer than the other bands on that stage. I don't know how I'll find my sister though, because while I'm at Finch, she'll be at Saliva. We're leaving after Finch is finished because we do not listen to Beck, Good Charlotte is horrible, and I do not listen to Dropkick Murphys.

I wonder when your package will be arriving. I am quite curious as to what is inside.

So I guess, right now, I will go to some advertising for moviegeeks. We've 71 people! 29 more people untill 100. hehe. I wonder how long it will take to get 29 more members. Maybe we should post in other movie communities?
I'm off to be annoying now!


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Monday, May 12th, 2003
8:08 pm - crack
Monika, dearest Monika.
I do believe that this journal and our communnity was a most splendid idea. Totally superexcellently crack. I promise you a thousand times that soon, i will join 23452 communities. I need to go study art. art = doom. but you know this, because, alas, i am talking to you right now. it is silly.
I am sad. there was supposed to be a huge tornado and it never came. and then today, it got super duper stormy, and rained for about 5 seconds. it was a tease. i wish it would rain.
i am dirty. i still have the bracelet from the planetarium on. i went to the planetarium on may 2nd. but you know.. if i keep it on until it falls off on its own, it is good luck, and i can make a wish.

Kay <333

current mood: procrastinatory (made up word)

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7:52 pm
Dear Kay,

How is your day going? I havn't really much to say, but I'm bored and wanted to write. I've been joining many communities, I think it's time for you to find some! As you can see, most of them are about, well anything, so whatever you feel like joining is crack.

It is hard to write things in here to you when I am chatting with you right now! Oh well. This would probably be better to do when we aren't talking to eachother, so we can tell each other things that we wish we could say at the moment, you know? I'm going to go join more communities now. Hurray!

Love love love!

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7:42 pm
I'm addicted to LJ, but I'm mostly addicted to communities! That is actually why this user name was created, to join and read communities. Good idea, huh? haha. well anyway, since I'm so addicted to communities, I've made one of my own! moviegeeks

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